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The task of creating mathematical documents has just become a whole lot simpler. Our new application, Open Notebook, provides the perfect level of flexibility. You can easily add all of the geometirc shapes, graphs, equations and number lines that are needed for mathematical documents. The interface is straightforward, and provides only the tools that are needed for math teachers.

In addition to making documents for print, Open Notebook provides tools to make your worksheets interactive. The student mode of Open Notebook allows for the assignments to be completed digitally, including step-by-step algebra work, so your students can save their work and submit it directly to your open-math account.

We will be launching our full site soon, hopefully before this upcoming sunday April 27th! The Open Math site will enable teachers to collaborate with one another, assign digital homework, and optimize daily assignment grading.

Your future of a more productive school day, and more time to spend helping your students awaits. Try Open Notebook now!

We would love to hear your feedback! Please send along your sugestions to While we do hope that you find the software useful, it is still in heavy development. If you experience problems with a document don't hesititate to contact us and we will try to resolve any problems wuickly.

The application requires JAVA to run, if you need to install it go here.

Some screenshots from the application:

screenshot screenshot

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